GEAREC Company Ltd also we offer consultation and solutions to various energy problems. Starting from Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Biomass and Biogas, Energy Auditing and Management.
Putting your investments in Renewable Energy is a decision that you should study and make carefully decisions. Evaluating Renewable Energy investments and projects feasibility is significant as the renewable benefits. Smart End-users tend to study their decisions before taking actions. And that's why GEAREC Company LTD is here for you. GEAREC Company LTD will make you feel secure and confident that your money is not wasted. GEAREC Company LTD offers the service of renewable energy projects consultation; this includes estimating the cost of the projects, regardless to project size, calculate accurate payback periods, estimate the project's net present value and other renewable economics parameters. In addition, GEAREC Company LTD offers preliminary designs, BOQs, engineering, recommended specifications and manufacturers based on the type of applications. Whether you need to invest in renewables, want to feel secured about your investments or just need to verify a projects fesability, please