Gearec provide high quality installation build from components of world standard manufacturers combined with our high service level. Also our standards includes complete remote monitoring and management systems through which Gearec can identify developing system failures before they happen and take preventive action often even without the customer noticing. This remote monitoring technology also facilitates more efficient and cheaper faults resolution as technical engineers will often not be required to physically visit a site.


1. Site Records are Stored

So as to ensure we stand on our working ethics we have to keep records of all details on installation. All documents will be available at our office, this will ensure full service at any time.

2. Customer's Satisfaction

This is our best interest, we provide high quality service not seen in Tanzania and East Africa market. This is possible because of the excellent relationships Gearec have with world class companies from USA, Germany, China, South Africa and Egypt.

3. Advance Tools/Technology

Gearec uses advance tools and equipments so as to increase the efficiency of the system and to ensure a long term operation of the system with provision of non-fluctuating energy.

4. Maintenance Free

Gearec offers a twelve (12) consecutive months of maintenance free of charge against faulty workmanship no matter how the size of the system we installed to you.