How we work

GEAREC key competitive advantage are:-
      Innovative solutions to different problems.
      Nature of quality in advice, products, installations and services.
      We are accountable for all services we provide.

We take customer's problem as our own problem and come out with better strategies and solutions.

Site Visit

As Gearec Ltd we want to visit the site and decide with the customer what best can be done to solve the problem, And all aspects will be looking so as to have maximum energy generated that will meet customer's requirements.


Wish List

At the site visit all rooms will be looked at. All future plans we be discussed and all previous faults will be reviewed , Advance equipments will be used to check and gather geographical features of the site. The detailed list of needs and recommendation will be forwarded to Planning and Designing.


Planning & Designing

All details gathered during Site visit & wish-list will be brought forward so as to plan and design a suitable installation that will meet the customer's need, Gearec Ltd will prepare a detailed quotation in which a customer can clearly understand the measures and solutions taken by Us and have a step forward to solve a problem.


Installation will be conducted by our well trained technicians, All equipment to be used at the site will be prepared so as to ensure shortest possible installation time at the site, After installation the system will be tested and approved by Technical Director to ensure a reliable renewable energy solution.



Gearec will conduct a monthly survey for twelve consecutive months after installation so as to ensure continuing and reliable operation of the site.


Maintenance & Repair

Also Gearec provide a twelve month maintenance free of charge against faulty workmanship to all our customer. This does not depend on the size of the system installed.